Saturday, June 12, 2021
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India’s western city develops oxygen bar for healthy leisure

One can inhale whiffs of air containing 90 to 95 percent of oxygen through nasal tubes from oxygen pipes attached to conical flasks having aromatic liquid substance. Tushar Khomane, founder of O24U said that the therapy will provide 10 minutes of refreshing, 20minutes of relaxing and 30 minutes of rejuvenating experience to the customers.

As per media reports, medical fraternity, however, is up in arms against the concept as they say a normal human being need not to gulp an additional 90 to 95 percent of oxygen as enough oxygen is present the atmosphere itself and excessive Oxygen may lead to corrosion in lungs.

The first ever Oxygen bar was established in Canada in 1996. The ultra-modern lifestyle of urban India and increasing carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide in the air due to thriving industrialism results from breathing problems among the people


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