Friday, December 4, 2020
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India’s monsoon rainfall washes away bus

Local media reported it had been parked at the time, with no one on board.

Ten districts in the mountainous state have been affected by heavy rainfall, triggering landslides and severe flooding, said the chief of state. Rescue operations in collaboration with the National Disaster Response Force rescued 19 people who were stuck due to inundation, he added.

A river in Kathua region of Indian Kashmir soared over danger limits as one local resident got trapped in water and was rescued on Monday (September 24) just before the water breached a wall and flooded the whole area.

Monsoon rains in India regularly cause floods and water-borne diseases, as civic administrations often fail to cope with challenges they pose.

The monsoon delivers 70 percent of India’s annual rainfall and is the lifeblood of India’s $2 trillion economies with the farm sector contributing 14 percent of its economic output.

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