Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Table tennis meets football in Teqball World Cup

Eager fans were queued outside ahead of the grand finale with organizers having to release additional seats to accommodate the capacity crowd.

Szécsi, who walked away with the $10,000USD, won the title two sets to nil from former world champion Árpád Sipos of Hungary, the birthplace of Teqball.

Male and female athletes from 42 countries played in a series of singles and doubles matches over the course of two days.

Teqball co-founder Viktor Huszar said, “We want to make Teqball accessible to everyone in the world, regardless of age, gender or ability. The huge growth of the sport in just a few years’ time proves that people love to play and we are working hard to bring tables to countries all around the world so that we can achieve our dream of seeing Teqball one day in the Olympic Games.”

This year’s world cup saw double the number of competitors than last year and countries from all corners of the globe represented, including Asian, African, European and Pacific nations.

Future plans for Teqball include competitive events in Asia and Africa, with the possibility of a world beach Teqball games in the next two years.


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