Friday, January 15, 2021
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Ibn Sina Foundation Host Grand Opening Of New Dental Clinic

By: Paige Hubbard

The Ibn Sina location has been serving the community for over a decade, and yesterday they continued their mission to provide low-cost health care facilities for low-income families by hosting a grand opening of their new dental clinic.

The name of the clinic is “Ramzan Ali and Sher Banu Dental Clinic.” It was named after the families that have made this vision come to life. Many community leaders were in attendance such as Mayor Sylvester Turner, The Rupani family, and Harris County Judge Ed Emmitt.

“Well number one, there are thousands of people, even in our city that have unmet needs, there are many communities in our city that are underserved and under-resourced, but its foundations like Iba Sina that will now meet the needs of those families in need of health care,“ said Mayor Sylvester Turner.

During his speech, Mayor Turned shared a story from his childhood, when his mother could not afford health care after he had broken his arm. He detailed his personal account from that day when he had to catch two busses just to get seen by a doctor.

The legacy of Ibn Sina was birthed in 2001 by a group of local physicians, business and healthcare professionals who had the vision to bridge the gap between the rapidly growing need for health care, and low-income families who could not afford the cost of good quality insurance. Their solution was to open up health care faculties that would not turn anyone away, no matter their finical status or background.

Meaning, if you are insured, uninsured, African American, Indian, Pakistani, it does not matter they are dedicated to meet the needs of underserved communities and underprivileged or indigenous families.

“I think this facility belongs to the community and the community has really helped us to where we are. Without the community support, this would have never been possible and I really thank each and every member of the community and all the donors who helped us achieved what we have today,” said Nasruddin Rupani, the CEO of The Ibn Sina foundation.

The Foundation started with one part-time staff for 4 hours in 2002 which was paid through borrowed funding from a donor. Currently, there are more than 90 staff members. For 15 years the Foundation has served over 750,000 patients and they anticipate serving 80,000 patients this year. Ibn Sina also focuses on prevention and control of diseases at an early stage.

To find out more about this foundation or to find a clinic nearest you, visit their website at ibnsinafoundation.org

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