Friday, January 22, 2021
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Karachi attack not to affect China-Pakistan relations: FM spokesman

Geng told a regular press conference in Beijing that China has expressed sincere condolences to the Pakistani personnel who died and were injured in the attack.

“The Pakistani side has stated that it will make every effort to crack the case, resolutely crack down on the organization that committed the crime, and strengthen the security protection of China’s institutions, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Chinese citizens. The United Nations Security Council has also issued a press statement on the issue, and has condemned the attack in the strongest term. The Chinese side has expressed sincere gratitude to the Pakistani police for taking prompt and decisive actions to effectively protect the security of people in the Consulate General. China has also expressed deep condolences over the deaths of the Pakistani security guards and civilians, and has showed sympathy for the injured security officers,” said Geng.

“In order to express respect for the heroic behavior and sacrifice of the Pakistani personnel, officials of the Chinese Consulate General particularly went to the hospital to visit the injured security guards and offered them consolation money. The Chinese Consulate General will also send consolation money to the families of the security guards who died in the course of performing their duty. Besides, many Chinese institutions and people in Pakistan, Chinese netizens and Chinese nationals around the world have launched fund raising activities spontaneously,” Geng added.

According to Geng, the relationship between China and Pakistan remains good as always, and China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic cooperative partners.

“The Chinese and Pakistani governments and people have shown firm mutual trust, support and friendship with respect to the incident. The facts have proven again that the China-Pakistan friendship is higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea. The peoples of the two countries are suffering together, and China and Pakistan deserve the title of all-weather strategic cooperative partners. I would like to stress that any attempt to undermine China-Pakistan friendship will never succeed,” Geng added.

Three gunmen that were trying to break into the consulate building at about 12:00 Beijing time (09:00 local time in Pakistan, 0400 GMT) on Friday were discovered by the Pakistani security guards on duty there and were all killed in the exchange of gunfire that ensued. Unfortunately, two security guards were also killed in the crossfire.

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