Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Mayor Turner Visits Lamar High School After Student Writes Open Letter To Him

By: Paige Hubbard 

Elizabeth Nelson-Fryar is a senior from Lamar High School who wrote a letter to Mayor Sylvester Turner after the recent shooting that happened about two weeks ago when 18-year-old Delindsey Mack was shot and killed near the school’s campus.

This resulted in Miss Nelson-Fryar writing an open letter to the Mayor who had an immediate response and held a press conference at Lamar High School Tuesday morning to address the issues and concerns of the student body.

Miss Nelson sat right next to Mayor Turner while they had a light lunch and talked about the solution to put an end to gun violence along with other student’s faculty and staff.

 The media was then asked to leave so the mayor could have an intimate talk with the students. After this portion of the conference was over, the mayor then came to give his comments to the press about his plans to ensure the safety of every student on every school campus here in the city will be met.

“We want them to focus on their class work, on their extra-curricular activities to being just great students, and then we are going to do our job to protect them but it’s a collective effort. If people know of things that happened, or might happen, let us know,” said Mayor Turner in response to a question at the press conference.

Other leaders of the community were in attendance as well such as HISD interim superintended Garantia Lathan, District B council member Jerry Davis, and Chief Officer Chief Art Acevedo along with other council members.

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