Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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NTV Houston Get’s Exclusive Invite To Adrian Garcia’s Meet And Greet

Leaders from the South Asian Community in Houston put together a meet and greet for the newly elected Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4, Adrian Garcia. Mr. Garcia was formerly known as the sheriff of Harris County and has 23 years of experience as a police officer in the greater Houston area.

NTV was asked to be a part of this chit and chat with Mr. Garcia to cover the engagement, but while we were there we experienced something far more powerful, which was the power of unity no matter your background, race or religion.

Mr. Garcia is a Hispanic man who was born in the states but last night he shared that his parents were immigrants who were allowed to come to America to work because a man from a South Asia signed his father’s work visa.  

Minorities from the South Asian Community played a key role in Mr. Garcia’s victory. It has been said that more minorities participated in this year’s election especially from that hemisphere of the world.

“This is specifically for Muslims in general that have come out, who never participated in this election, until now and they made a difference.”

The South Asian Community has always been very fond of Commissioner Garcia and they wanted to show that he has their support by hosting a very intimate setting where he would be able to mix and mingle with his constituents who help him win the election.  

“I’m very fine today especially since my friend Adrian Garcia got elected I am very naturally happy, he is a great friend to our south Asian Community. He is a great person, and that’s why I’m here,” said Deputy Sherriff Nasir Abbasi one of the key members who helped them come full circle.

Many people had a helping hand to make this event a success included The Abbassi Family who opened their home and hosted a little over 20 people and we can’t forget to mention they also provided food and refreshments for the evening. 

I welcome you all here, to participate in this event, this event is for all the winners and I’m happy to have you all here today,” Mrs. Abassi Said.

Her husband also shared his thought about the evening and what inspired him to be a part of the initiative in the first place.

“We have been working together to make this night a success and we pleased that Adrian Garcia won the election and that’s why we are celebrating now,” said Mr. Abbasi.

People who were in attendance were able to go around the around the room and express their gratitude and sentiments about how Commissioner Garcia has impacted their lives. Then it was time for Mr. Garcia took the stage to share his feelings. 

“Thank you for this beautiful gathering of family, I’m just very humbled and I just want to thank everyone who made this possible, thank you so very much thank you all for coming together,” Garcia said in his opening statement.

Then he went on to share a story about an experience when he saw a box that had a compass inside of it. He then continued on with the story saying that the compass had a note on it which read…

“Life is a journey it’s not a destination.”

“A compass provides incredible direction in any journey, but no compass can tell you where the sand pits are at, where the holes are at, it gives you direction, but it takes a special person to get through that not always,” the Commissioner said.

Commissioner Garcia then said how the Muslim community had shown out in great numbers in this year’s mid-term election which is something that we have never seen before.  

And for that very reason is why he declined the offer to have constituents come to him. He said that he wanted to come to meet them where they are at.

“I wanted to come to you, I didn’t want you to come to me,” Garcia Said.

Other public figures were present as well such and Sarah DeMerchant and her husband Ken DeMerchant who is the Fort Bend County Commissioner as well as U.S Congress Candidates Adrian Bell and Letita L. Plummer.

There were many different walks of life under that roof last night, however, there was so much love and unity in the air you would have thought that everyone came from the same place. The event truly captured the diversity of Houston and it broke all narratives that just because you people come from different backgrounds doesn’t mean they can’t come together and make a change. 

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