Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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The Global Federation Of Chinese Business Women Donate 3,000 To Help End Crime

By: Paige Hubbard 

The crime rate in China town has been increasing by the second, in result people from that community have become worried about their safety and one organization has decided to take matters in their own hands.

The Global Federation of Chinese Business Women also known as GFCBW held a donation ceremony today at an HPD police station in China town. This was an effort to support police officers by presenting them with a 3,000 check. A percentage of the check was donated to HPD, The 100 club, and a general portion will aid financial assistance to police officers.

” I think as the president, the first thing we need to do is to find money because we have a lot of activities to do so we need lots of money, for example, this time we just donated 3,000 for the safety for China town, said President of GFCBW Julie Lin.

The conversation around proposition A and B has caused a lot of concerns in regards to the pay of firefighters having equal pay as police officers. Since proposition B won the majority vote, firefighters will see an increase in pay however, it will come with sacrifice. Meaning, there will be budget cuts and layoffs which can directly impact law enforcement’s ability to do their job.

“Of course they have the desire to make their city better, of course, their focus is on China Town because that part of town is very special that they want to help us out, realizing the challenges finically that was going through and I think a lot of the city knows about it, in light of the recent elections the challenges that the city and the police department are going through, said Assistant Police Chief Henry J. Gaw.

Jessica Chen is one of the board members of GFCBW and she shared a touching story for her own personal experience which motivated her to begin the initiate such a movement.
“Actually I was a victim of a robbery in 2016 so that’s the motivation for me to want to do something to prevent the crime in Houston and this organization also has the intent to prevent crime, said Ms. Chen.

HPD police Chief Art Acevedo has said in press conferences addressing the city’s current crime that there are about 20,000 gang members in Houston. However, with efforts from the organization’s like GFCBW the city can make a change one step at a time to end crime for all areas.

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