Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Camp For All: A Barrier Free Facility Built For People With Special Needs

By: Paige Hubbard

Camp for all is a place where children and adults with disabilities can go to feel free and empowered. This facility has been serving the community for over 2 decades since its doors opened in 1998. The campsite is in Burton Texas, but their office headquarters are located in Houston in the Upper Kirby area.

Pat Sorrells is the president and CEO of the organization and we sat down with her to learn more about the organization.

“The need was there, our founders had started other camps and gone to a regular camping facilities where they couldn’t take kids in wheelchairs, the medical facility was not adequate, and they knew the need was there, so they got together to build a camp for all,” Said CEO and President Pat Sorrells.

The barrier-free faculties meet individuals with disabilities on their level, some of the features include 8-foot-wide sidewalks, so 2 friends in wheelchairs can ride side by side and outreach program where camp activities are taken inside the hospital.

The outreach programs are meant to bring children in the hospital a sense of normality while they are being treated or trying to overcome their illness. The camp brings everyday activities to the hospitals that help those individuals with special needs keep their mind off of whatever hardships they are facing.

This facility is also dedicated to equipping business and schools with tips on how to be all-inclusive towards individuals with special needs. Serving over 11 thousand campers a year camp for all is proud expand horizons for all.

“If you approach all of your staff with the acceptance model and say here’s how we’re going to bring people into this office they’re going to be just like you and just like me and they are a part of the organization. As an employer her you must think how I can do this for all instead of just a separate group of employees,” said Pat Sorrells.

“It’s a mindset you need to build the culture, yes you can do all the physical facility changes you want, but it’s the mindset of the organization you need to build a totally acceptable environment for everyone,” Mrs. Sorrells ended.

To find out more about this organization visit their website at

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