Friday, September 25, 2020
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Mother Grieves For 8 Year Old Guatemalan Child

The mother of the 8-year-old migrant child who died on Christmas Eve after being detained by U.S.
border agents is grieving her loss. the second migrant child to die in U.S. detention this month.
Felipe Gomez died in U.S. custody this week after making it to the border with his father from a rural
region of Guatemala, following thousands of others who have made the same trip. He was detained in
Texas for illegally crossing the border in hopes of speeding up their asylum process.
According to reports, the boy and his father were in border control custody when an agent noticed the
child showing signs of illness. The father and son were taken to the Gerald Champion Regional Medical
Centre in New Mexico, where the boy was diagnosed with a common cold and fever, and eventually
released by hospital staff.
But later that evening, the boy began vomiting and was transferred back to the hospital. He died the next
The boy and his father were escaping poverty. Most families in their region of Guatemala are of
indigenous origin and subsist on corn and bean farming, as well as money sent back from relatives
working in the U.S and Mexico.
After the second death, U.S. border officials announced that it was developing several policy changes. It
will conduct secondary medical checks on all children in its custody, with a focus on those under 10.
The Trump administration has tried to deter people from crossing the border between ports of entry
illegally to seek asylum, while at the same time restricting legal access to official ports of entry. That has
created a months-long wait for asylum applicants, including those who came as part of a large caravan of
Central Americans this year.

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