Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Scout And Molly’s: A Womens Boutique

By: Paige Hubbard 

Welcome to Scout and Molly’s, a women’s boutique located In the West University area that serves as a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs. Scout and Molly’s carries unique stylish pieces you won’t find anywhere else. This boutique caters to women of all demographics, from the fun carefree 18-year-old to the working woman in their 30’s.

“Scout and Molly’s has everything from casual to dressy, we can accommodate any ladies needs so if she’s just going out for an evening or if she wants to go shopping at the grocery store, whatever it might be we carry it all that could be a fit for her,” said boutique owner Susan Bradley.

This boutique only caters to women, this way they can put all their focus on making sure the ladies needs are met without being distracted by splitting their attention to cater to men and women.

“The clothes make me feel younger, they are definitely fashion forward, things I wouldn’t of think on my own that they put together for me,” said a customer of Scout and Molly’s.
The owner of the franchises always had the vision to own a boutique, NTV Houston was able to sit down with her and find out what inspired her to become a franchise owner.

“I grew up in Victoria Texas, there were a lot of eclectic boutiques that were around that I shopped at all the time and I knew I wanted to be a boutique owner but then I went off to college and had a career as a management consultant, then I decided OK I’m ending my career with that and I’m going to start off new and open my boutique,” said the owner Susan Bradley.

If you’re looking for some holidays stocking stuffers Scout and Molly’s has you covered. From one of a kind accessories to soft cashmere sweaters, this is the perfect place to find that special something for the leading lady in your life.

They have an array of bracelets and necklaces which range from more fashion-forward pieces to something that can be a little bit more conservative. The unique aspect is you’re not going to find their items at any other places you’re only going to find them here and that’s what’s important to them.

Another unique factor about this boutique is that the owner includes brands owned by other women in her store in efforts to support other women-owned brands and to promote girl power.

“This is been my dream since I was 16, to be able to be here and to make women feel good about themselves, sometimes they come in and maybe they don’t know what they want maybe they do, but to provide them that level of service that they’re not going to get anywhere else is key. My staff is amazing they want to make sure that everyone feels good and everyone should leave at a smile on their face. So, from the bottom of my heart is the most important thing about our business,” said Susan.

To find out more about this boutique visit their website at

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