Sunday, September 20, 2020
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La’Torria Lemon of Lime-Light Media presents Houston’s first step show.

By: Paige Hubbard

Several dance teams took the stage to compete in Houston’s first step fest which was held at Texas Southern University in the Granville M. Sawyer auditorium.

The event was produced by La’torria Lemon of Lime Light media and Let’s Talk Teen Talk, which is an initiative that encourages teens to express themselves in a positive manner.

The Royal Duchess Step Team and the Chauncy Glover project were beneficiaries of the event, programs that also equip and empower teens to reach their best potential.

Five teams from Houston and two teams from Dallas hit the stage and gave it their all, as they competed for the number one spot. Some even used their platform to shed light on recent allegations against R&B singer R. Kelly. In the skit, an R.Kelly song began to play but was quickly cut short as the performer said to the audience “We don’t play R. Kelly music.”

R.Kelly has been recently dropped from Sony the record label after a documentary was released, chronicling years of sexual abuse alleged by multiple women.

“I thought that was powerful for them to do,” said Chantel Mikos a family member of one of the steppers.

“Even though they may be young that doesn’t mean they can’t have an opinion on what’s going on around them,” Ms.Mikos ended.

The hostess of the hour were Radio Rich from KTSU and Lenny-Bri who kept the crowd hype with the help of DJ Lil Zac, who provide musical pleasures for the evening. Backflips, cartwheels and even a James Brown split were just a few of the moves that were showcased during the contest.

We asked radio Rich about how it felt to support the youth, he responded, “It felt absolutely great! when I first got the call, I had no idea what I was in for. My high school didn’t have step teams or anything like it. It meant everything to me to see these kids come together in a time where they could be doing lord knows what and perform the way they did it was absolutely amazing, and I encourage everyone to continue to support events as this” Radio Rich ended.

Some said this was the start of something great and think there should be more events like this to engage the youth to keep them busy doing something positive.

La’torria Lemon took to her Facebook page to thank everyone who made the event a success, check out the post below.

To find more information about Let’s Talk Teen Talk, visit their IG page @Letstalkteentalk.

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