Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Northwest Assistance Ministries partners with Karya Property Management to promote healthy lifestyles

By: Paige Hubbard 

In efforts to promote healthy lifestyles, and affordable cost of living, NAM known as Northwest Assistance ministries has partnered with Karya properties. They have a  mission to encourage residents at Buena Vista and Casa del Mar to live healthy lifestyles.

They do this by enhancing community engagement and social integration through an initiative called Community Centered health homes.

“It’s part of our health program, at our pediatric health center. We help children stay healthy so that they don’t have to go to the hospital. What we’re working to do now in this apartment complex and other apartment complexes, is to try to keep them healthy enough to where they don’t have to come to the clinic,” said Les Cave president of NAM.

“We’re bringing the services in the healthcare outside the walls of the clinics into the neighborhoods and into homes of families,” Mr. Cave ended.

NAM is a non-profit community-based organization, with a mission to meet the basic human needs through neighbors helping neighbors. The initiative is funded by a grant provided by the Episcopal Health Foundation. The organization continued their mission to promote healthy living by hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony to revealed their newest recreational park.

We caught up with two of the organizers who helped made the day a success to find out what this day means to them.

“I grew up living in apartment complexes back home in India and over there it was more like a community and everybody stayed together, our parents relied on our neighbors a whole lot so when we moved to the U.S the first thing I caught onto was sure there are apartment complexes and these can become beautiful healthful communities but there’s something lacking,” said Abiya O. Malhotra children’s clinic director of NAM.

“We were looking for a partner to make our properties and our apartment complexes as a community and it was the right time and the right people. We met Abiya and she brought the initiative that NAM wants to associate with Karya and develop several programs in which this community development can happen,” said Dr. Deepika Verma Agarwal head of marketing at Karya property management.

“It is possible and when two people would like minds join and they intend to do something good it always ends up good,” said Dr. Deepika Verma Agarwal ended.

We were able to talk to the president and CEO of Karya properties, who is an immigrant from India. At the age of 15 he use to pass out pizza flyers to help pay for college. Now he is a walking testimony of a success story as he owns some of those very same buildings where he used to pass out flyers at. He shared how he wants to use his platform to give back.

“I grew up in these communities were a lot of basic amenities and services were lacking, a lot of security was lacking so that was really my inspiration that I dreamt of one day when I was older and, in a position, to own these apartment community’s and improve these tenants lives,” said Swapnil Agarwal President and CEO of Karya property management.

“America is a county of very hard-working immigrants and the least we can do is provide a safe place to live so the kids can go to school, raise their families and live the true American Dream which is what I’m living right now,” Mr.Agarwal ended.

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