Thursday, August 11, 2022
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India and Pakistan holds protest against violence

By: Paige Hubbard 

Tensions were high this morning during a protest between groups from the Indian and Pakistani community.

The protest comes as a result of the terrorist attack that happened last week when a suicide bomber killed 44 Indian soldiers in Kashmir.

The Indian government believes that Pakistan is responsible for the attack; however, Prime Minister Imran Khan denied responsibility. Khan went on to say, if India provided proof that  Pakistani had any involvement, he would be willing to take action.

Both parties gathered at the Pakistan Consulate to express their viewpoints. The protest started off slow but gained momentum quickly.

India stood on one side of the street and Pakistani was on the other.

A heated exchanged shortly after ensued between two gentlemen from both sides. However, it was quickly deescalated because one thing both parties could agree on, is that they wanted to keep the protest peaceful.

Since such recent event’s India has announced they will stop the flow of its share of water to rivers under the Indus Water Treaty.

Pakistan said they are not concerned about this announcement.

Water resources Minister Nitin Gadkari took to his twitter account to express his views on the decision.

At the protest, NTV Houston was able to speak with representatives from both sides. Each side said that India and Pakistan have been at war for years.

They hope both countries can find a common ground so peace can be restored and the senseless killings will stop.

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