Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Security tightened at Mexican border crossing into Texas as migrants arrive

According to local reports in the border state of Chihuahua, there are about 1,500 Central American migrants. The closure of a migrant shelter at the nearby border state of Coahuila has also worsened the situation, according to officials.

Stalled on the Mexican side of the border, Central American migrants are heading to Ciudad Juarez in the hope of being allowed into the United States for work.

Many are contemplating their next move, taking up a temporary shelter at a local gym where local authorities and volunteers are helping to provide medical services as well as food aid.

U.S. President Donald Trump this week said 3,750 additional military troops would be sent to the U.S.-Mexico border to support border agents and thwart what he described as “the tremendous onslaught” of U.S.-bound migrants.

Asylum seekers have traditionally been granted the right to stay in the United States while their cases were decided by a U.S. immigration judge, but a backlog of more than 800,000 cases means the process can take years.

The Trump administration announced a policy on Dec. 20 that the United States will return non-Mexican migrants who cross the border back to Mexico while their asylum requests are processed.

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