Monday, September 28, 2020
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At 30 years old, World Wide Web still bears growing pains, inventor says

The British scientist submitted on March 12, 1989 his first proposal for what would be a revolutionary global technology, in the form a memo with a complex design of arrows, boxes, circles and bubbles, at the CERN.

Not to be confused with the Internet, which is the network of globally interconnected computers, the World Wide Web is how people share information on the Internet.

At 30 years old, the web remains imperfect, Berners-Lee said, adding that he advocates for a “contract for the web,” composed of nine principles that aims to change the web for the better.

In an open letter published on Monday (March 11), Berners-Lee said many people now felt unsure about whether the web was a force for good, but it would be defeatist and unimaginative to assume that it could not change for the better in the next 30 years.

“If we give up on building a better web now, then the web will not have failed us. We will have failed the web,” he wrote. “It’s our journey from digital adolescence to a more mature, responsible and inclusive future.

(Production: Emilie Delwarde, Antony Paone)

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