Monday, September 28, 2020
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Senator McSally says she was sexually assaulted while in the Air Force

By: Paige Hubbard 

Senator Martha McSally was the first was the first female fighter pilot to fly combat missions in the Air Force.

During a hearing on sexual assault in the military earlier this week, she opened up about her painful past when she was raped by a superior officer while in the air force

“Like you, I am also a military sexual assault survivor,” she said in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“I thought I was strong but felt powerless,” said Ms. McSally.

In the interview, she expressed that she “loves” the Air Force.

“I was proud to serve in the military, and break glass ceilings for women,” she said.

However, McSally also shared in the interview that she didn’t report what happened because she had no trust in the system at the time.

I was left “disgusted” by how the Air Force handled my case, she expressed in the sit-down interview.

“Interrogating me about, ‘What happened to you? Tell us what happened to you.’ And I was mortified,” McSally said.

“If that’s the way you are treating being alerted that somebody has been through something like this, who actually is trying to have our military succeed at dealing with it. And you bring me in and interrogate me as if I’m the perpetrator even in the tone and the approach and the just the ignorance. … They failed on the job. Big time. I got up, and I left, and I dropped a bunch of swear words, just to be frank.”

McSally went on to say that the incident happened multiple times and almost made her leave the military.

Reports of sexual assault are up by 50% percent and nearly %10 percent. A sign McSally says that more victims may feel more comfortable about coming forward.

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