Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Up to 400 firefighters could be laid off in mayor’s plan to fund Prop B

By: Paige Hubbard 

A source close to NTV has told us that Mayor Turner is going to lay off up to 400 city jobs in efforts to enforce the pay raise for firefighters required by Proposition B.

Back in November, Mayor Turner launched a campaign urging the community to vote against prop b which requested firefighters to receive the same pay as police officers.

In January, Turner announced he would be implementing the new law but it would come with some budget cuts and will take time carry out.

“I’m willing to entertain any proposal that would reduce the costs of Prop B, minimize layoffs and minimize the reduction of city services. And I’m open to any and all proposals that would achieve that,” Turner said. “We will move forward with Proposition B. We will define what parity is, but the city has never had a $100 million on an annualized basis set aside just to pay Proposition B.”

The new plan could potentially lay off 220 firefighters which would decrease firefighter shifts from four to three. Of course, this raises a safety concern for the community because there will be less help on the streets to protect citizens.

Mary Benton, the Mayor’s press secretary said no firefighter’s will Friday, and the city council still has to vote and approve on the plan in before any action can be taken.

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