Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Houston host prayer vigil for Nipsey Hussle

By: Paige Hubbard 

Some may know him for his music, others may know him for the work he was doing in the community.

Either way you put it, Nipsey Hussle was known for being a beacon of light to everyone he touched.

Sadly, his life was taken away before his work could be completed when he was brutally murdered in front of his clothing store in his hometown of Los Angeles. This comes just a day before he was supposed to meet with LAPD to talk about how to reduce violence in the community.

Nipsey may have not been from Houston, but he was certainly loved by many Houstonians. Local rapper Trae The

Truth organized a prayer vigil to honor his legacy rather than mourn his death.
Vigils have been taking place nationwide, it is said that more will continue to keep his spirit alive.

Even though his life was taken far too soon, his legacy and the love and respect people had for him will forever live on.

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