Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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LinkedIn unveils its first ” Top Companies List” in China

Out of the 25 most sought after companies, 15 are based in China. In the top three are e-commerce giant Alibaba, search engine giant Baidu and tech startup ByteDance.

LinkedIn believes its report may help employers cooperate better with current and future employees.

“It actually made the company realize the value and the role of a workplace. It’s not only an office for people to earn a living, but also a place to grow talents. Most of the Chinese companies are more market-driven than mission-driven. But in the long term to retain employment, a clear vision and mission is very important,” said Lu Jian, president of LinkedIn China.

The Top Companies List examined actions of LinkedIn’s 600 million members to find out the employers in most demand.

A key finding was local Chinese enterprises have become a magnet for talented employees.

More Chinese brands now realize a healthy corporate culture can provide great potential to secure and retain qualified talent.

Another take-away is that 70 percent of companies on the list come from the new economy sector, including 13 internet companies. This sector has become one of the most popular paths for the most talented professionals.

As reflected by the findings, Chinese brands going overseas face common challenges such as low brand awareness and a lack of secure access to a niche market.

“The Chinese enterprises going abroad lack access to global talent. For that part, LinkedIn has recently published a Global Talent Trend Report, that can be a very helpful resource. And based on our vast network of professionals, we will be able to help those companies reach the talents that of their needs,” said Lu.

Along with the Top Companies List, LinkedIn has also released the China Employer Branding White Paper. It notes that business decisions must include a talent plan, which puts human capital on equal footing with financial capital.

LinkedIn has business in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. The social network entered the Chinese market in 2014.

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