Friday, October 23, 2020
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Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner proclaimed himself proud today to receive endorsements from Fort Bend County elected officials

At a news conference in Chasewood, part of Fort Bend County in the City of Houston, elected officials lined up to praise the Mayor for his work in their community. Endorsers included County Judge K.P. George, Commissioner Ken DeMerchant, Precinct 4, District Attorney Brian Middleton, Constable Daryl L. Smith Sr., Precinct 2, State Representative Ron Reynolds and Fort Bend County Democratic Party Chair Cynthia Ginyard. Commissioner Grady Prestage, Precinct 2, District Clerk Beverly Walker and Senator Borris Miles are also endorsing Mayor Turner but were unable to attend the news conference.

“Some people in Fort Bend may not feel like they are part of the City of Houston,” Mayor Turner said, “but I serve Fort Bend as if it were in downtown Houston. I have worked to ensure we get essential services to Fort Bend County.”

Judge George agreed, saying that from day one, Mayor Turner has given Fort Bend County a lot of attention, especially including Fort Bend in the Complete Communities program.

“As part of Complete Communities, we are driving resources and investments to Fort Bend, putting dollars in the community where the community wants them spent,” said Mayor Turner.

Judge George praised Mayor Turner for making Houston a welcoming city. He also pointed out that he works with the Mayor on regional challenges, such as transportation and flooding.

“Mayor Turner is a partner in our region and I am proud and honored to call him our mayor,” said George. “Thank you for your leadership.”

Democratic Party Chair Ginyard urged voters to re-elect Mayor Turner to allow him to continue his good work.

“He has been on the front lines of public policy for 30 years,” Ginyard said. “We need to do this, we need to vote for the one who has been and will be with us.”

Rep. Reynolds praised Mayor Turner as someone who is always there for the community through the hard times, including floods, and fighting the tough battles, such as the reforming the city’s pension system.

“Everywhere I go, all over the country, people say to me they wish they had a mayor like Sylvester Turner.”

“Mayor Turner has been a great leader,” said Commissioner DeMerchant. “He has led the city through recovery from floods, created a more resilient city and helped create good paying jobs.”

HCC Trustee Neeta Sane called Mayor Turner “the best leader I’ve ever seen.”

“You have done a tremendous job,” said Sane, “for our students and for our community.”

Smith said that soon after he took office, he met with the Mayor to discuss public safety needs in Fort Bend.

“Before I even returned to my office, the Mayor’s staff had called to discuss what they could do in terms of assistance and visibility,” Smith said. “Now crime is down significantly, thanks to the help from the Mayor.”

DA Middleton echoed that sentiment. “Mayor Turner is an essential part of law enforcement in Fort Bend County,” said Middleton.

Diana Waters, representing Senator Miles, said “we need to keep Mayor Turner in office to finish the job he started.”

Mayor Turner expressed his gratitude for the endorsements and for the partnership with Fort Bend County leaders.

“You don’t build a community overnight, especially when it’s been ignored for decades,” Turner said. “You can start but you need a second term to continue the work.

“Leadership matters. Who you put in a position of leadership matters. Because it’s not the office that makes you care; it has to be part of who you are.

“Together, we can do incredible things,” said Mayor Turner, “and I look forward to four more years of working with the Fort Bend community and its leaders and making all of Houston a stronger, safer, more resilient city.”

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