Friday, October 30, 2020
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New Waterford Crystals installed on Times Square New Year’s Eve ball

Newly-designed Waterford Crystal triangles were installed on the giant Times Square New Year’s Eve crystal ball on Friday (December 27).

Every year, Waterford Crystal, owned by Fiskars Group, designs and creates a series of new crystal triangles for the ball. This year’s design features three pineapples to represent the ‘Gift of Goodwill’.

“Goodwill and hospitality is very synonymous with the pineapple going back to colonial times. So it is celebrated hospitality for centuries and that’s what it’s all about today,” said Fiskars Living Master Artisan Tom Brennan. “It is all about goodwill, it’s all about benevolence, it’s all about generosity. It’s about finding the good in every single situation and then bringing that forward.”

192 of the newly designed triangles will be installed onto the famous crystal ball.

“The Times Square New Year’s Eve ball is the largest crystal ball in the world. It’s cladded in over 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles,” said Countdown Entertainment President Jeffrey Straus. “That ball that we’ll all watch is over 12 feet in diameter. It has over 32,000 LEDs and it weighs nearly six tons.”

More than one million people are expected to crowd Times Square in New York City on New Year’s Eve to watch the crystal ball countdown to the new year.

(Production: Angela Moore, Hussein Waaile)

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