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Russian car enthusiast knocks up ‘Tesla Cybertruck’ out of Lada banger

Fake Tesla Cybertruck Driving Around Russia

Fake Tesla Cybertruck Driving Around RussiaRussian car enthusiast knocks up 'Tesla Cybertruck' out of Lada banger

Posted by NTV Houston on Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Drivers in Moscow couldn’t quite believe their eyes when they saw a Tesla Cybertruck on the Russian capital’s roads. But things weren’t quite what they seemed.

The vehicle was in fact a clapped-out Lada VAZ-2109 in disguise and the person behind the wheel was Russian car enthusiast Alexander Trubnikov. 

According to Trubnikov, it took eight days of solid work to convert the old Russian five-door hatchback into something resembling Tesla founder Elon Musk’s futuristic Cybertruck.

Trubnikov said that the project cost around 80,000 roubles (around $1.290) in total. 

The real Cybertruck was unveiled in San Francisco on November 25 with Musk tweeting shortly after that Tesla had already received 200,000 pre-orders for the bullet-proof vehicle.

Trubnikov did not say if he’d received any pre-orders for his replica.

(Production: Peter Scott)

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