Friday, October 30, 2020
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Pakistan says no plans to evacuate nationals from China amid coronavirus lockdown

PAKISTANI STUDENT IN CHINA, KABIA SULTANA, SAID: My name is Kabia Sultana. At the moment, I am in the Chinese city Jingu which is one hour’s drive from Wuhan. There are many Pakistanis here with us. At least more than 300 Pakistanis are here with us. We appeal to the Pakistani government through Sarim Burni Trust to please get us out of here as soon as possible because we are under mental torture (stress) and can’t stay here long. Please, please, we should be rescued from here. We should be evacuated from here as early as possible on medical grounds. Our blood should be tested and then we should be sent to our country, Pakistan. Please, get us out of here. We appeal to you on behalf of all Pakistanis that we should be evacuated from China as soon as possible.”

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