Friday, October 23, 2020
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Biden: “This campaign will send Donald Trump packing”

A resurgent Joe Biden was projected to win seven large states on Tuesday (March 3), as front-runner Bernie Sanders captured two states and appeared on track to capture a win in California on the biggest day of voting in the 2020 Democratic presidential nominating race.

Biden told supporters in California, “I am here to report that we are very much alive, ” as he vowed to “send Donald Trump packing.”

Edison Research and the main television networks declared Biden the winner in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama based on exit polls on Super Tuesday, when Americans in 14 states voted for a Democratic challenger to Republican Trump in the Nov. 3 election.

More than one-third of the delegates who will pick the eventual nominee at a July convention are up for grabs in primary elections on Tuesday that could provide some clarity at last in a muddled race for the White House.

Biden, former President Barack Obama’s vice president, has enjoyed a burst of momentum since a blowout win in South Carolina on Saturday, which led to endorsements from a flood of prominent party officials and former rivals.

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