Largest heat-mapping study takes place Houston

Image courtesy of H3At, Heat mapping vehicle used on Friday

HOUSTON, Texas- On August 7th, about 80 community scientists in Houston and Harris County participated in the nation’s largest heat-mapping study. Houston is one of 13 cities that is involved in this initiative.

The group led by the Houston Harris Heat Action team (H3AT) rode specially designed thermal sensors attached to either their cars or bicycles to map urban heat over a 300-square-mile portion of the region.

“Houstonians do not prepare for heat like we prepare for hurricanes, but we should,” said Mayor Turner in a press release. “Houston is getting hotter, and we need science and data to help identify where the greatest impacts are, so we can keep Houstonians safer and our City more resilient.”

Dr. Meredith Jennings, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Resilience said that “Ultimately, the urban heat island effect can impact many aspects of human health and well-being.”

Turner said Friday the findings will be used to make policies in an effort to make Houston healthier and greener.