HOUSTON, TX – With everyone on edge with the coronavirus pandemic still at an high, now is the perfect time to try grocery delivery services. A few of your favorite local stores now allow free grocery deliveries services.

ALDI: when customers signup via Instacart your first delivery is FREE. After the first freebie deliveries are #3.99 plus a 5% driver tip.

H-E-B: The store is offering free curbside and home deliveries until October 6. Expect products to have a 2-3% increase than what the in-store price would be.

WALMART: Customers can qualify for a free 15-day trial when they sign up for Walmart Plus. After the trial period ends fees go to $12.95 per month or $98/year.

RANDALLS: Randalls customers can receive $20 off plus free delivery when you input promo code: SAVE20

For more information regarding these discounts and delivery options visit either stores official website.