Monday, March 1, 2021
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California street artist celebrates frontline medical staff with mural

A mural in Santa Monica is being painted to honor the work carried out by frontline medical workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The painting has been commissioned by medical scrubs company Barcu Uniforms and nonprofit organization Beautify Earth, which creates outdoor public galleries.

Samir Arghandwall, also known as street artist Samir Evol, began the image on December 14 and plans to have it finished by early January.

It depicts four nurses of different ethnicities in their nurses scrubs alongside the message ‘You Bring Hope’.

Taking a break on Wednesday (December 23), Evol told Reuters “This is pretty much to honor all of the healthcare professionals that have been putting their lives on the line day in, day out, for the past 10 months that’s been just a nightmare and within that nightmare, we try to find some sort of hope and that’s the title of this piece is ‘You Bring Hope’.”

He added “We kind of depict them as superheroes because they do put their lives on the line for us and they not only risk their lives but their loved ones, day in, day out, so they’re sort of kind of like superheroes.”

Evol will be working over the festive period, including Christmas Day, to get the mural finished. He’s especially keen to make their facial expressions as realistic as possible.

He said “I can only imagine how exhausted they are dealing with this day in, day out, so I just wanted to capture the emotion. Like the one on the end, she’s ready, she’s prepared to go to war helping people out. You can see her putting on her thing and her eyes, she knows she’s going into war basically against COVID and this guy is just really exhausted but they’re there. They’re like ‘We’re here for you’.”

The mural can be found at 2010 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica.

(Production: Sandra Stojanovic/Rollo Ross)


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