Friday, February 26, 2021
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US reaction to Capitol chaos exposes double standards of American-style democracy

The “beautiful sight”, a term once used by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to refer to the riots in China’s Hong Kong in 2019, has now spread to the U.S. Capitol in the form of deadly violence and chaos, demonstrating the hypocrisy and double standards of the so-called American-style democracy, according to a commentary of the China Media Group (CMG) on Thursday.

The following is an edited translation of excerpts from the commentary:

When rioters were vandalizing the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong back in June 2019, some U.S. politicians called it “a beautiful sight to behold”, claiming that the mobs were “defending democracy”.

Now, when the chaos descended on U.S. Capitol, the same American politicians phrased it as “an insurrection” and even “a coup” and demanded that the protesters be punished under the law.

The United States engineered the so-called “Arab Spring” in West Asia and North Africa and incited “color revolutions” in Asia and Europe, hoping that more “beautiful sights” would appear in other countries.

And when the police tried to maintain order, their lawful actions would then be labeled as “threats to democracy” by the U.S.

Now, when the same scene unfolded in Washington D.C.., the U.S. police chose to disperse protesters with pepper spray and water guns and arrested scores of people.

Once again, the world has witnessed the bitter irony of double standards of American-style democracy.

The so-called “democracy”, in reality, is nothing but a tool the U.S. politicians choose to use when it serves their purpose and simply throw it away when it fails to do so.

These politicians who claim themselves to be the “champion” of democracy are actually abusers of democracy.

In fact, the Capitol riots have vividly demonstrated the bankruptcy of American-style democracy and exposed the long-standing deep U.S. political divisions.

Those in power take the lead in breaking the rule of game and instigate ordinary people to take to the streets. When the results of the so-called “democratic elections” are not respected, how can the U.S. politicians talk about democracy?

It is time that U.S. politicians focused on dealing with the problems of their own country, rather than peddle American-style democracy to the rest of the world.


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