Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Deshaun Watson called a ‘serial predator.’ Lawsuits climb to 16 for sexual assault allegations

HOUSTON – Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is now facing a total of 16 lawsuits alleging sexual assault.

Two new lawsuits were filed against Watson in Harris County, Texas, on Tuesday, alleging he assaulted women while receiving a massage in May and October 2020 respectively.

A lawsuit filed earlier this week called Watson a “serial predator” and as with almost all of the lawsuits, it said, “Watson’s behavior is part of a disturbing pattern,” but was the first to include, “Plaintiff believes Watson to be a serial predator.”

In addition to the two lawsuits Tuesday, seven lawsuits were filed in Harris County on Monday by attorney Tony Buzbee, who is representing the women. Buzbee also filed seven lawsuits against Watson last week.

After the first suit was filed, Watson denied those allegations in a statement posted to Twitter:

Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said Tuesday he and Watson recognize that sexual assault and harassment are unlawful and morally wrong, but he believes the allegations are false.

Hardin also said that he has spoken with “many” massage therapists who have worked with Watson and “describe him as a gentleman and a model client who never engaged in inappropriate conduct.”

The seven lawsuits filed Monday describe incidents that allegedly took place from April 2020 to March 2021 in Houston, Atlanta, and Beverly Hills.

Five of the lawsuits were filed by massage therapists or people allegedly hired to give a massage. One of the lawsuits was filed by an esthetician and another by a woman who “offers various wellness therapy services.”

The lawsuits filed Monday all allege Watson “assaulted and harassed” the women by “exposing himself” or “touching (them) with his penis.”

One of them additionally alleges Watson tried to make the accuser perform oral sex on him.

Houston police posted a statement on Twitter on Friday that said no incident reports have been filed in its jurisdiction and the department “is unaware of any contact between HPD and Houston attorney Tony Buzbee regarding the allegations contained in his recently filed lawsuits.”

On Saturday, Buzbee posted on Instagram, “Our team will be submitting affidavits and evidence from several women, who had experiences with Deshaun Watson, to the Houston Police Department (HPD) and the Houston District Attorney, on Monday morning. We will request that a grand jury be empaneled to consider the evidence we provide.”

Houston Police spokesperson Jodi Silva told CNN on Monday she couldn’t say whether anything had been turned over to HPD, and she wasn’t aware of anyone from HPD speaking with Buzbee or Watson.


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