Thursday, April 22, 2021
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HCSO deputy placed on desk duty after video footage shows him punching a teen

HARRIS COUNTY – A sheriff’s deputy is on desk duty Wednesday night in Harris County, Texas, following a shocking video of him punching a teenager that was captured on video.

The incident took place last Friday, March 26. Carlos, a high school sophomore living in northwest Harris County, was riding his ATV with two other friends through their neighborhood. The teenager has a GoPro camera mounted on the back of his ATV, which captured the entire ride and the shocking incident.

As the teens approached their neighborhood gas station to fuel up, they saw the deputy, who has a frequent presence at that location.The video shows the deputy, with a drink in his hand, walk out of the Shell gas station and approach Carlos. He then puts his drink down on the teenager’s ATV and asks to see his license.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is investigating video that shows a deputy’s encounter with a teen ATV rider that escalated into the law enforcement officer take a shot at the rider.

“He just looked at my ID for like two seconds and said to put my hands behind my back,” the teen told ABC affiliate KTRK-TV on Wednesday. “That’s when I panicked a little and pulled away from him and he grabbed me.”

“He just looked at my ID for like two seconds and said to put my hands behind my back,” the teen recalled.

As the deputy grabbed the teen, he is heard screaming and cursing on video.”Don’t run from me boy, I will beat your (expletive) right here,” said the deputy, who is significantly larger than Carlos. “Turn around and put your hands behind your back before I beat the (expletive) out of you. Don’t be (expletive) stupid!”

The cop accused the teen of previously running from him and giving him the finger.

The deputy is then seen on video punching the teenager in the face and putting him on the ground. He is then handcuffed and marched to the deputy’s patrol vehicle.

Carlos told Eyewitness News he was taken to a location (he wasn’t sure where) for a few hours. He said authorities took his fingerprints and released him to his parents.

The deputy, who was not identified, is currently on desk duty.




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