Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Vin Diesel shares touching moments of being father, being with friends

With the Fast and Furious 9 being screened across cinemas in China, main actor Vin Diesel shared his touching moments of being a father and being with friends.

While the film series is known for its spectacles, actions and stuns, Diesel said that what he would review back at home is the tender moment.

“The scenes, the spectacle, action always wow me when I am sitting in the theater. But when I go home, I reflect on the more tender moments. I’m usually talking about the moments that aren’t the action spectacle, I’m talking about the moments between characters and more tender moments. Those are the ones that I keep going over in my head as a fan, as an audience member,” said Diesel.

The film, according to Diesel, is celebrating the positive sides of brotherhood and the positive sides of family as it is known to all that family is not always pretty and easy.

Dominic Toretto, Diesel’s character in the film, has become a father, which has reminded Diesel of his fatherhood moments.

“When you become a father, you so often reflect on your own father. When Dom reflects deeply on his father, what he realizes is there is a broken brotherhood. Somewhere in Dom’s heart, he feels he has to rectify that, to better understand his role as a father for his kid,” he said.

It has been 20 years since the first film of the Fast and Furious series was screened. When reviewing the past two decades, Diesel said that he is grateful for each person that appeared and shared a section of lifetime together with him and one day, they might not be there.

“Fast and Furies is unique in the sense that it’s a fictitious universe, but draws on reality and draws on real life. If I could go back to Dow Toretto 20 years ago, I would say really appreciate everyone that’s at your table, because someday they may not be at your table,” said the actor.

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