Saturday, June 12, 2021
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‘Get us out!’, resident describes the scene of a train collision in Pakistan that killed 56

Train services resumed in Pakistan’s Singh district on Tuesday (June 8), a day after a train smashed into derailed carriages of another, killing 56 people.

A local teacher, Ali Nawaz, who lives close to the railway track and had been, said he heard the night before a loud explosion and people screaming ‘Get us out’. He rushed to the scene and witnessed rangers and army soldiers pulling bodies from under the engine of one of the trains.

Rescue officials working on the track said 17 coaches and the engine of one of the trains had been removed from the track, with service resuming to both lines of the track.

However Divisional Superintendent Railways of Sukkur, Tariq Latif, said trains travelling on the affected tracks have been asked to keep their speed slow for the time being.

(Production: Waseem Sattar, Salah Uddin, Sheree Sardar)



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