Thursday, August 11, 2022
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U.S.-based Russian actress speaks against war after her father rallies for Putin

Russian actress Maria (Masha) Mashkova spoke against the war with Ukraine and said she had to ‘disobey’ her high-profile father, actor Vladimir Mashkov who supports President Vladimir Putin by voicing her view publicly on Tuesday (March 22).

“But this is nothing compared to deaths which continue this very second,” Mashkova wrote.

The actress who lives in the United States with her family but is known in her native country for her roles in Russian-language movies, posted on her Instagram account followed by over 84,000 people and said it was easy for her to speak compared to many inside Russia.

“I won’t be taken into police van, at worst they will declare me a traitor and an enemy of the nation,” Mashkova said.

She said her father, who is also an actor who starred in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, did not believe her about the events in Ukraine when they spoke over the phone and that the split within her family is one of many to divide Russian families and friends since the war broke out on Feb. 24.

Ukraine and its allies call Russia’s actions a brutal invasion that has killed hundreds of civilians. Apartment blocks have been reduced to rubble, towns have been evacuated and over ten million Ukrainians have fled the country, the UN said. Kyiv has accused Moscow of war crimes.

Putin says Russia launched a special operation to destroy its neighbour’s military capabilities and remove what it regards as dangerous nationalists in Kyiv. Russia denies it has targeted civilians.

Russian and international media have covered the conflict very differently. Most Russians get their news about Ukraine from pro-Kremlin outlets, which present a radically different interpretation of what is happening to others.

Mashkova’s father Vladimir Mashkov who earlier took part in Vladimir Putin’s presidential campaign as his confidant, delivered a patriotic speech during a concert in Moscow marking the anniversary of the annexation of Ukraine’ Crimea peninsula on March 18.

“We support out army, we support our president, our motherland and our victory. We will win!” Mashkov said from stage where Putin spoke during the same event later.

Mashkova first went public during a CNN interview in which she said her father had called on her to return to Russia with her two daughters and “to ask for forgiveness for betrayal”.

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